gerrit: Fixed tag that closes issues on panettone

Opened by lukegb at 2020-07-28T01·26+00

  1. It should be possible to add a tag to the commit message that references a panettone issue that causes that issue to be closed, e.g. in the trailer

    Fixed: #123, #456

    (also, bonus points if there's a separate tag that just causes commit messages to be cross-posted to issues)

    lukegb at 2020-07-28T01·26+00

  2. Sure.

    lukegb at 2020-07-28T01·26+00

  3. I propose "Updates:" for the cross-posting only; this is what Github does for "mentions, but does not close, issue".

    riking at 2020-07-28T01·26+00

  4. I propose Fixes instead of Fixed

    grfn at 2020-07-28T01·26+00

  5. I was thinking "References:" or "See:" - "Updates:" to me feels like it would actually change an issue.

    don't feel super strongly about it though.

    grfn at 2020-07-28T01·26+00