panettone: "Issue not found" leads to to internal server errors

Opened by tazjin at 2021-05-11T23·00+00

See for example b/123213123

  1. From the Panettone logs:

    [2021-05-11 23:00:42 [ERROR]] There is no applicable method for the generic function
                                     #<STANDARD-GENERIC-FUNCTION PANETTONE.MODEL:ID (3)>
                                   when called with arguments
                                     (#<PANETTONE.MODEL:ISSUE-NOT-FOUND {1007011E13}>).

    tazjin at 2021-05-11T23·13+00

  2. Fixed by

    grfn at 2021-05-23T12·14+00

  3. grfn closed this issue at 2021-05-23T21·06+00