Sourcegraph version is outdated

Opened by tazjin at 2021-08-28T11·14+00

We are lagging quite a few versions behind (we're on 3.26., current is 3.30.). Several relevant links:


Upgrade notes:

Currently the Postgres on whitby is version 11.12, we need to be on 12+ for Sourcegraph 3.27 so that comes first.

  1. Actually we're using the bundled database, so the Postgres thing doesn't matter.

    tazjin at 2021-08-28T11·15+00

  2. Bumping in cl/3521 -> cl/3525 in separate steps.

    tazjin at 2021-09-10T10·54+00

  3. tazjin closed this issue at 2021-09-11T14·15+00