OMG: cgit update introducing broken commits in canon

Opened by tazjin at 2021-09-21T11·21+00

Something is wrong with the cgit subtree and updating it cleanly as a subtree merge is not possible. Instead I am cherry-picking all the cgit commits into our tree (it's not many), but this means that they can not be built because they expect a lot of intermediate git versions which we don't have available.

To work around this I am using depot-interventions to mark the intermediate commits as verified and then submit them in a chain together with the git update commit that resolves everything.

This is a bit nasty (there will be commits in canon with broken targets), but since they'll be submitted in one operation nobody should (unless done intentionally) end up in one of the intermediate trees.

  1. First breakage in cl/3609, fix in cl/3605 (numbers are reversed because the latter was rebased).

    tazjin at 2021-09-21T11·24+00

  2. HEAD is green.

    tazjin at 2021-09-21T11·37+00

  3. tazjin closed this issue at 2021-09-21T11·37+00