cheddar: Auto-link to CLs

Opened by grfn at 2020-07-28T01·26+00

the syntax seems to be eg cl/1337

  1. A bare link of the form should suffice for now.

    kanepyork at 2020-07-28T01·26+00

  2. I think that form is probably covered by - I wanted this to specifically track the auto-linking with the shorthand syntax

    grfn at 2020-07-28T01·26+00

  3. I think this should probably be a feature of cheddar, the Markdown renderer.

    tazjin at 2020-08-01T02·40+00

  4. changed the subject of this issue from "panettone: Auto-link to CLs" to "cheddar: Auto-link to CLs" at 2020-08-03T13·50+00