gerrit: commit-msg hook download instructions are incorrect

Opened by tazjin at 2022-05-23T12·47+00

A recent SSH release broke compatibility of the scp command line tool by switching the transfer protocol from the legacy SCP protocol to SFTP.

Gerrit's SSH server (as of the version we are running) does not support SFTP so users get confusing error messages when trying to execute the scp command that Gerrit instructs them to run.

This can be fixed on the client side by adding -O to the scp command line parameters, which switches back to the older protocol. However, either Gerrit should be updated to support the newer protocol OR the instructions for downloading the hook should include -O.

The problem is that an inverse error will probably happen if someone on an older version attempts to use -O ... :|

  1. This issue in upstream Gerrit:

    My workaround:

    tazjin at 2022-05-27T10·01+00