remove usages of tonic-mock in tests

Opened by flokli at 2023-01-20T16·23+00 introduced tonic-mock, but as described in the commit message, upstream is a bit dead, and we're using brainrake's custom fork.

According to 1241164173, we might not need this crate at all, but can easily write some code for ourselves.

It might even happen naturally while writing easer-to-consume client library code.

  1. To be able to drop this, we need to update some of our tests to test via a grpc client, not the server impl.

    flokli at 2023-09-13T11·05+00

  2. cl/9560 started with this, migrating the DirectoryService off tonic-mock.

    flokli at 2023-10-07T09·35+00

  3. with cl/9564, tonic-mock is gone entirely.

    flokli at 2023-10-16T08·46+00

  4. flokli closed this issue at 2023-10-16T08·46+00