tvix/store/directoryservice: give traverse_to a better name, rewrite in non-recursive

Opened by flokli at 2023-05-18T06·25+00

See discussion in

The naming is a bit bad (maybe something with find_ or descend_ might make more sense?).

It should also be possible to rewrite this in an iterative fashion, and compare the two implementations for readability.

  1. The rewrite in non-recursive has been done in cl/9369.

    @cbrewster, any thoughts about the name?

    flokli at 2023-09-21T21·49+00

  2. We agreed to rename this to descend_to, in cl/9373.

    flokli at 2023-09-21T22·10+00

  3. Nothing left to be done here anymore.

    flokli at 2023-11-15T22·24+00

  4. flokli closed this issue at 2023-11-15T22·25+00