buildGo.proto should not embed its own protobuf/gRPC

Opened by edef at 2020-08-04T23·47+00

Either buildGo.proto should go away (we don't actually use it), or we should make it use depot.third_party.gopkgs.

  1. FWIW, I'm not quite sure how to pass third_party.gopkgs in without breaking it for third parties.

    edef at 2020-08-04T23·49+00

  2. protoboof

    tazjin at 2020-08-04T23·50+00

  3. I guess maybe allow passing in your own protoLibs? And then we just pretend proto.nix doesn't exist?

    lukegb at 2020-08-05T00·08+00

  4. I'd rather not keep proto.nix at all, since it would have to be kept in exact sync with //third_party/gopkgs at all times.

    edef at 2020-08-06T16·46+00

  5. This was deleted at some point.

    tazjin at 2023-06-16T10·20+00

  6. tazjin closed this issue at 2023-06-16T10·20+00