gerrit: The author should be added to the attention set on a failed build

Opened by grfn at 2020-08-31T15·39+00

But should still not be added on a successful one

  1. I believe that this should already work as of ?

    tazjin at 2021-04-02T11·20+00

  2. can confirm that this appears to be working.

    grfn at 2021-04-03T18·51+00

  3. grfn closed this issue at 2021-04-03T18·51+00
  4. This appears to have broken again?

    grfn at 2021-04-16T14·56+00

  5. grfn reopened this issue at 2021-04-16T14·56+00
  6. wait, failed build, never mind >.>

    grfn at 2021-04-16T14·56+00

  7. grfn closed this issue at 2021-04-16T14·56+00