buildkite: If a step fails initially but passes on retry, the commit status should be updated

Opened by grfn at 2020-09-23T15·19+00

see eg, where a step failed due to some flakiness but then I retried it and it passed, but is still marked as failed - I have to update the CL somehow to force it to rebuild.

  1. Oh, this is interesting and not so easy to fix because of the way the build status is threaded through. Individual retries aren't really supported in this model and I'm not sure if we can find a reasonable fix for it without introducing build state persistence somewhere.

    tazjin at 2020-09-27T20·49+00

  2. I wonder if we could use gerrit as the build state persistence layer - we can query it, yeah?

    grfn at 2020-11-17T16·38+00