tvix: warnings when running home-manager build

Opened by unknown at 2020-11-22T22·33+00

Running home-manager with tvix as the system nix implementation results in some warnings being printed while building the home derivation.

[multi@whitby:~]$ home-manager build -A whitby
I20201122 22:28:29.315966 54134] unrecognised flag '--quiet'
I20201122 22:28:29.316016 54134] Try 'nix-build --help' for more information.
/home/multi/.nix-profile/bin/home-manager: line 127: /tmp/home-manager-build.evnVtl2Ed0/ No such file or directory

This does, however, appear to build the derivation correctly, as a result symlink is created in the current working directory, and activating the derivation appears to also work correctly.

[multi@whitby:~]$ ls result
activate  home-files  home-path  lib
[multi@whitby:~]$ ./result/activate
Starting home manager activation
Activating checkFilesChanged
Activating checkLinkTargets
Activating writeBoundary
Activating installPackages
I20201122 22:32:47.137251 58669] replacing old 'home-manager-path'
I20201122 22:32:47.137298 58669] installing home-manager-path
Activating linkGeneration
Cleaning up orphan links from /home/multi
No change so reusing latest profile generation 33
Creating home file links in /home/multi
Activating onFilesChange
Activating reloadSystemd

  1. Fixed by

    grfn at 2020-11-22T22·43+00

  2. The "unrecognised flag" warning seems to be a result of d0c44425e147ab7d38410f400825ad20da15037b, which was part of the series of commits which replaced upstream nix's logging library with glog.

    unknown at 2020-11-22T22·46+00

  3. grfn closed this issue at 2020-11-22T23·22+00