tvix: Building a derivation with tvix as a remote builder gives "error: path <outPath> is not valid"

Opened by grfn at 2020-11-28T00·59+00

I know it's not valid, that's why I asked you to build it!

  1. I belive that might not just an issue with remote builds. I just build dash from my toy package collection and ran into the same issue:

    $ nix-build -E 'import <fixpkgs> { system = builtins.currentSystem; }' -A pkgs.dash
    $ nix path-info -rsSh /nix/store/l5sg5s3lwpf1vfj1z7ifspp9fhp0n8y7-
    E20201211 00:57:27.704967 23144] error: path '/nix/store/l5sg5s3lwpf1vfj1z7ifspp9fhp0n8y7-dash' is not valid
    $ /nix/store/l5sg5s3lwpf1vfj1z7ifspp9fhp0n8y7-dash/bin/dash -c 'exit 0'

    andi at 2020-12-11T00·59+00