panettone: titles get messed up when editing if they contain a single quote

Opened by sterni at 2021-01-15T13·01+00

Needs investigation, but to reproduce:

  1. Have an issue with a title that contains one single quote/apostrophe
  2. Click edit

The title is stripped after the single quote in the title field of the rendered form.

  1. This is an escaping issue. ' should be escaped to ' probably. Below the input for #91:

    <input type='text' id='subject' name='subject' placeholder='Subject' value='panettone: show user's offset in dottime' /> 

    sterni at 2021-01-15T13·03+00


    sterni at 2021-01-15T13·45+00


    sterni at 2021-01-17T13·24+00

  4. sterni closed this issue at 2021-01-29T22·55+00