whitby doesn't know about tvl.su yet

Opened by sterni at 2021-03-28T09·41+00

Everything tvl.su seems to hit b.tvl.fyi (how fitting), resulting in mismatched domain names in certificates.

  1. sterni changed the subject of this issue from "whitby doesn't now about tvl.su yet" to "whitby doesn't know about tvl.su yet" at 2021-03-28T09·41+00
  2. tvl.su isn't actually set up in nginx yet, so this is expected - it's only got the DNS records

    tazjin at 2021-03-28T16·34+00

  3. It is now set up for dev tooling, that is todo, Gerrit, SourceGraph, cgit: https://cl.tvl.su/c/depot/+/2758

    For now login.tvl.fyi and tvl.fyi itself are not pointing to tvl.su, and the latter probably won't as I plan to make tvl.su the company page and not the community page.

    tazjin at 2021-04-02T11·14+00

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